Breakout Garden Script


I have a Breakout Garden on a Pi Zero. I did run the install script and solved some problems with smbus and now I am getting the following error. A search of the forum suggest that the script should install the necessary libraries. Any help appreciated

pi@raspberrypi:~ cd breakout-garden-master pi@raspberrypi:~/breakout-garden-master sudo ./

Breakout Garden: Installer. (1 breakout(s) found)

bme680 weather sensor: Error!
./ line 175: cd: bme680-python: No such file or directory
Installing 1 module(s). Enter to continue (Ctrl+C to cancel)…
Errors occured during install. For more info see /tmp/breakout-garden/install.log

Try running curl | bash and see if that helps.

I have a couple of BME680’s in use, I don’t have any of the breakout garden hats etc though.