Boot Home Assistant OS from NVME on Pi5

I got the NVME disk and board for the Pi5 so I could boot HA OS off it and keep things clean.

There are some instructions out there on messing about with this Linux stuff to boot off NVME, but HAOS doesn’t give you sudo or anything useful.

Can anyone suggest how I get this to work?
The disk Pimoroni sent me is the Transcend 256GB

I believe the HAOS runs in a turnkey docker environment. I have it on a Pi 4 and running terminal I see it does not have access to the standard Pi utiltities like raspi-config on the command line. There might be away to change the eeprom by pulling the SDcard and changing boot.

The question is why are you running this dedicated config on and NVMe instead of SD card? Even on desktop, the actual performance is not that different.

In my home, the best config for HAOS is a Pi 4 4GB with a decently fast 64GB SDCard, which currently only has 9% in use. I had a 256GB and after seeing my folly, backed it up, pulled it, installed a fast 64GB, and restored it. I have close to 100 IoT devices with Home Brigde active and about 5 plus custom modules. it “just works.”
That 256GB comes in handy with my Pi 5 running as a desktop toy.

Morning Harald, thanks for the reply.

I’m running an nvme because it’s small, out of the way and doesn’t break every 5mins like an sdcard. Comments abound on how flakey sdcards are with the r/w ops on a HA device, and indeed mine corrupted within a few days (yes it was one of the better ones).

Maybe I’ll just have have to stick with the massive external ssd off the USB port. 😕 Kinda kills the point of this tiny device tho.

Hi hope this helps. Nvme boot and backups are much faster. My setup pi 5 8gb,pi active cooler, pimoroni nvme base , hikvision desire 512gb nvme ssd ,official 5A power supply. (all steps performed on pi standalone as desktop for config) what id did was to first boot from usb drive imaged with Pi OS (nvme base and drive installed) updated eeprom (googled how to…) and rebooted to take effect next I downloaded latest Hass OS for pi 5. Flashed hass os to nvme via pi imager (preinstalled on pi Os). Updated Pi OS as prompted by Os (reboot). changed boot order to option 2 usb boot first(note I did not see nvme/usb at option 2 as on some of the instructional videos only usb on opt 2, this might have had no effect I’m not sure). change boot order from terminal from 14 to 416(google how to do this ,the 6 is for nvme boot)(reboot). after the reboot boot order took effect and Hass Os loaded. After Hass started: 1"supervisor options --channel=dev" then 2.“supervisor update” 3.logged in to hass ip and waited for setup to complete 4.restored backup 5.shutdown pi from hass os Removed usb drive 6.boot . I also see it is posable to enable pcie gen3 (default is gen2) that increases nvme speeds even more. Having trouble with that at the moment.