Border round screen

hi what do i need to change to get full use of the screen i never noted till yesterday it has a border

I do believe you have to edit the config.txt file and change
or add that line if its not there.

What screen is that? The official Pi foundation touch screen has a black bezel around it that could look like a black border.

its the 8 inch screen that comes in picade kit i have removed the # and still border the border goes with normal os tho

If you run sudo piwiz from terminal, that will rerun the first boot setup wizard.
One of the prompts in there asks if you have a black border, and will offer to remove it.

lol now to find termnal sry im new to all this stuff

shift f4 worked but command not found

If your running th Lite version your already in terminal.
At the desktop click the the black icon in the tray That has >_ on it.
sudo piwiz worked from there for me.

symbol like that says infocom and zork 123 in folder

emulationstation v2.9.3rp isthe retropie on it

if i quit emulationstation it takes me to terminal but command not found

OK, piwiz is likely not an option in your gaming setup. I’m just running stock Raspbian.

Manually set your hdmi mode and group in your config.txt file.

Add these lines to the file:


See this page for the list of options and instructions.