Picade + built-in 8" screen - weird display


I just bought a Picade with built-in 8" screen.
I made the setup with a Rasberry Pi 3, using the official Rasberry 2.5 A power adapter.
I have installed latest version of retroPie temporary using an external HDMI display. While I use the external display, everything looks fine. But as soon as I switch to the built-in 8", the screen is blury, looks like only half of lines are displayed (not fully sure about that).
Note : I uncommented as specified hdmi_force_hotplug=1 row in /boot/config.txt


May be worth gently re-seating the ribbon cable between the display driver board and the display itself.


Thanks for your feedback. Obviously it looks as the source of the problem. I tried a few times to plug in and out the cable and I can get a correct display now.
But I am concern about long-term behavior as it looks very weak. I will see in a few days.


It’s been a couple of days. How is it looking?


Yes no more problem. It perfectly works :)
Thanks for the follow-up.