Picade display suddenly broken

My 8" Picade has worked fine for nearly 2 years, but switching it on today gives me a very stripey (and unusable) display:

I can see things moving around in the image. I’ve tried reseating the ribbon and HDMI cables several times, but it makes no difference, and there’s no sign of any physical damage. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this further?

In fact in helps, here’s the ribbon connector:

If you have a spare SD card I would flash it with PIOS with desktop GUI. And try it in place of your Picade SD Card. That should tell you if its hardware or software.
If its fine with PiOS your Picade SD card has an issue. If it’s still messed up you have a hardware problem.

I’m certain its hardware (specifically the display); when the Picade first is switched on, I’m used to seeing “HDMI” at the top left for a second or two - even this now appears as blurry vertical lines.

If I try to move the EmulationStation selections left and right using the joystick, I can see the images “moving” across the screen - just obviously very corrupted.

It looks similar to the issue raised here - the difference for me is that the display’s been working fine until today.

Yeah, it does sound like a hardware issue. An easier test now that I think about it, would be to plug the HDMI cable from the Pi into a monitor or TV. If it’s normal you for sure have a failed display.

Direct to HDMI is fine - definitely looks like a broken display :( Do Pimoroni sell or supply replacement screens?

There is this one, which I think is the one you have now.
HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit (1024x768) – Pimoroni
Or upgrade to the 10 inch screen
Picade 10-inch Display Upgrade Kit – Pimoroni