Picade 10" Display Issues (Distortion)

My Picade 10" display is distorting the output in most (but not all) cases. The problems started on day one, and I’ve yet to actually use this cool gadget (after two months of intermittent troubleshooting and frustration-inspired-dust-gathering).

Things I’ve tried:

  • replaced ribbon cable from display board to display = no change
  • replaced micro HDMI adapter = no change
  • replaced HDMI cable from display board to Pi = no change
  • replaced driver board = no change
  • connected Pi to a separate external monitor = works great!
  • changed boot/config.txt settings (multiple variations of the suggestions here) = no change

At this point, it seems like the culprit must be the Picade display itself. Connecting the display to my MacBook as a mirrored external monitor (output at 1024×768), and the results are pretty funky:

  • when the MacBook shows the screensaver, the Picade display works as expected.
  • but switching to anything else (in this case, Firefox), and the ouput is distorted.

Connecting the display to my Nintendo Switch, and the output is still distorted.

Using just the Picade as designed, and I experienced similar results: although the display is distorted most of the time, some screens display accurately. Here’s a video showing this in action.

What could I try next? Why would the display work normally sometimes and be distorted other times?