Mirrored screen on Picade

My picade is displaying a mirrored screen. I believe it is hardware, b/c both the retropie and screen icons when pushing buttons are mirroring. My colleague and I both built the picades from the same batch, but his is normal and mine is mirrored.

Try plugging the monitor into a PC, or a spare Pi if you have one. If it stays flipped its hardware, if its normal its a software issue on the Picade.

I plugged the monitor into a spare Pi4 and it stayed flipped. Any suggestions from here? Thanks!

Double check how you assembled it, via these instructions.

And if you don’t see anything out of the ordinary I’d e-mail Pimoroni via the following link and see what they have to say. I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail.


Yesterday, my friend and I examined the guts of his working machine and my mirrored machine. We couldn’t see any difference in assembly. I’ll contact them. Thanks for your help.

Did you try the reset option in the on-screen menu? Doubt it will fix it, but worth a try just in case.

Pimoroni contacted me and lead me to the solution to the problem. So, I hope this might be useful to others who stumble upon this thread. In the config.txt file insert the line:


That fixed me problem of a horizontally flipped display.

If someone else has a slightly different issue, here is something from a different website that talks about different ways to rotate/flip display (I am not sure about the difference with the “hdmi” in the command :
Use display_hdmi_rotate to rotate or flip the HDMI display orientation. The default value is 0.
0 - no rotation
1 - rotate 90 degrees clockwise
2 - rotate 180 degrees clockwise
3 - rotate 270 degrees clockwise
0x10000 horizontal flip
0x20000 vertical flip

Nice, I do believe those commands also rotate the touch interface, if your monitor has one.