New Picade: screen interface

I have a new picade. When I turn it on, the screen shows vertical stripes where the splash screen should be:

When I plug the included HDMI cable into another monitor, that works—I’ve set up wifi and sorted out my config.txt and all from there. So I’m pretty sure the problem is between the HDMI cable and the display panel: either a bad board, a bad ribbon cable, or a badly inserted ribbon cable. I’ve re-seated the ribbon cable five times. It now looks like this:

{redacted, because new users can only put one image in a post}

Is that plausibly right? What should it look like? What else should I try while debugging?


The ribbon cable looks like this:

Hi Brian. That does indeed look like a ribbon cable issue. Is that as far in as the cable will go into the clip? There shouldn’t be much of the copper contacts visible at all when it’s seated properly. However, if you still can’t get it working, then pop an email to explaining the steps you’ve been through and we can arrange a replacement display.