Breakout Garden and ST7735

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Breakout garden and the ST7735 display. I connected them to a 3B+ I had laying around, installed Buster, enabled SPI and I2C and downloaded the Breakout Garden software. I ran the installed and got “Sorry! I couldn’t find any breakouts!”. Reviewed the installer and realised it just installs software for a small subset of breakouts and a bit of Googling found people who were just installing the drivers. So I installed the ST7735 SPI-related bits and the Python library.

I couldn’t get anything to work on the display. I tried both slots and even tried turning it around even thought the pins and slots are clearly labelled. The one thing I did notice is that as soon as power is applied to the Pi, the backlight on the ST7735 comes on.

I also tried a 3B with a fresh install, repeated the above and got the same results. After some more Googling I made no progress to make it work. Short of getting the soldering iron out I had no practical way of working out if the ST7735 or the Hat were faulty so I decided to buy a BME280 as a test and that works fine in the Breakout garden

I was about to buy an SPI breakout (that I probably don’t need) but I thought I’d post on here instead to see if there’s any suggestions of other things I could try. I’m assuming the ST7735 is faulty but there could be some other thing I have to do to get the SPI devices working.

Thanks for any suggestions


P.S. Is there an i2cdetect for SPI devices? I couldn’t find a way to tell if the Pi can actually see the ST7735.

The install instructions, for Python, are here.

If you have done all that, post back and we will dig deeper.
The scrolling text example is likely a good test file to run.

As far as I know there is no equivalent to i2cdetect, for SPI devices.

I’ve installed those - I do mention that in my post.

So I installed the ST7735 SPI-related bits and the Python library.

I wasen’t shure if you had installed the Pimoroni versions.