Mini Breakout Garden with SPI not working

Cannot not get Breakout garden working. I also bought it with the 0.96 lcd spI and the TVOC/eCO2. Have both slotted in, have followed the procedure for the Breakout Garden, when I use sudo ./ I get a message, Sorry I cannot find any breakouts.

The screen has some luminescence, apart from that there is nothing. I tried a raspberry pi 3 b and a 4 b with Raspbian Buster with desktop.

is there anything else i can try?


did you make sure spi was turned on , scroll down to method 2 .

Breakout Garden firmly pressed down and seated on the GPIO pins.

Thanks for your input!

@Caperjack1953 I didnt have, but now I have and still no joy, when i run the script it still says I couldnt find any breakouts.
From Interfaces I now only have spi and 12c enabled and I have tried several reboots after following the link you kindly sent me.

@alphanumeric, they cannot go anyfurther in than what i have them. I have them facing the HDMI connector.

I was referring to the Breakout Garden Hat or pHat, being firmly attached to the Pi’s GPIO.
Something else to try is running the installer for each of the breakouts. Like you would if you were connecting them directly to the Pi, but leave them in the Hat.

@alphanumeric Thanks for the help man, but alas, still not able to pick anything up. :(

Try running i2cdetect -y 1 from terminal window and see if you get a 0x58 for the TVOC breakout.
It kind of sounds like the Breakout Garden Hat of pHat is defective?
EDIT: which Hat or phat do you have exactly?

@alphanumeric. It is the Breakout Garden Mini (I2C + SPI). I ran the above command from the terminal window and the result was an empty grid , Hex across the top and 00 to 70 for the vertical.

I also tried a bit of waggling, but to no avail.

Just a shot in the dark, try “i2cdetect -F” with no boards connected. The only active component on the board is an EEPROM. So the BG board may be defective. It sounds like the backlight is getting power, though.

From man page: -F Display the list of functionalities implemented by the adapter and exit.

EDIT: Sorry, you said you had the Mini Breakout. I don’t see any active components (no EEPROM) on that one.

I think your going to have to go here
and send them an e-mail with a link to this thread.

Hi Paulio, i don’t know if you have found a solution in the meanwhile. Anyway, i think the problems is that script try to discover i2c sensors/devices, whilst you are working with SPI devices. So it’s normal the installer doesn’t see anything. In my case, the SPI 1.3 LCD, i just had to install the display drivers as described in