Breakout Garden SPI not working (0.96" screen)

Hi guys,

A noobie.

The SPI sockets on my breakout garden don’t seem to work with the 0.96" LED.

I have SPI and IC2 set to ON one under Raspi config.

The breakout garden code only recognises two other IC2 sensors.

Using i2cdetect -y 1 the address for the screen doesn’t show up under the command line, only the two other sensors. Do screens have addresses?

Checked ls /dev/spi all good and boot config.

The only thing I can control is the back light of the screen but nothing else.

The example python programs don’t work.

I et an error when trying to install the way suggested on the product page (via curl)…
“Repository ‘ buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’. …Apt failed to update indexes!”

So I tried installing from github. (st7735)… no joy with the examples.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Try this, run sudo apt get update that should get you a yes no prompt. answer y and it should now update. From then on you can go back to running sudo apt-get update, upgrade
The changed suite value error is because Buster moved to stable after its release.
curl command should now work.

Thanks for the help. With a few extra steps ( I was able to update to stable Buster.

I therefore managed to install via the Pimoroni curl link.

However I’ve still got the same problem. Every time I run a example it says this…

pi@raspberrypi:~/Pimoroni/st7735/examples ./ ./ line 21: import: command not found from: can't read /var/mail/PIL ./ line 24: import: command not found ./ line 29: syntax error near unexpected token `‘"""\ - Display an image on the LCD.\n\nIf you’re using Breakout Garden, plug the 0.96"’’
./ line 29: `If you’re using Breakout Garden, plug the 0.96" LCD (SPI)’

Does anyone know why the errors in the first lines happening? The /var/mail/PIL is empty so am I missing something? Thought the examples just ran. None of them currently work.

The breakout garden detection tool also doesn’t recognise the screen.


Try plugging the display in the other SPI connector. Best guess to be honest.

I do believe the installer for the stand alone display install is written for specific GPIO pins being used. And the pins used changes depending on which socket you use on the breakout garden. So its either move it or edit the example. Something like that. I don’t have any breakout garden stuff to play with yet. Its on my wish list for s future purchase.

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Hi alphanumeric,

I have tried the other socket but no luck. Think there may be something wrong with the screen (they are quite fragile).

I will look at the code but not sure if I’m experienced enough yet.

Thanks for your help.

You could hook it up without the Hat as per,

You’d almost certainly have to solder on a header though.

Good idea!

That way I will know if it’s the screen or the HAT (or me going mad).

Luckily I have some breakout garden extension kits I can use with jerkys so won’t even need to solder :)

Good stuff, I almost mentioned those extension things but figured what were the odds you’d actually have one or want to order one. That was a good move ordering them, no having to solder on a header to test your breakout. I’ll have to add those to my wish list to remind me to pick some up when I order some breakouts. ;)

Just realised in fact I only have extender kits for IC2 :(

Don’t think I will solder because I may not be able to return it, so will keep in its original condition.

Also tried a clean install and on another raspberry pi, still no luck.

Oh well I tried my best, a trip to the post office :)

Soldering it shouldn’t be an issue as far as returns go. The only way to use most of the pi addons is to solder a header on first. Then see if they work or not. Depending on what it is, and how much it cost, quit often you don’t have to send it back. They just send you a new one.
I had a Zumo Rover that had a short and went up in smoke the first time I turned it on. I soldered 10 or so headers on the shield. I just uploaded pictures of the carnage and they sent me a new kit and new Arduino. The broken bits went to E waist.
Saying all that, I can see why you wouldn’t want to do that unless you had to. It makes it hard to use in the Hat if you solder a header on.