Browser requirements?


Are there any browser requirements for Rockpool? I’ve not installed any browsers over and above the basic Jessie install, so Midori is used when I launch Rockpool, but I get no messages about connecting to Flotilla, just three labels: Inputs, Converters and Outputs.

All works fine when I run through the network from a PC using Internet Explorer, just can’t get it to work properly on the Pi alone.


Can you see the ‘Enter IP, Connect’ box? If not try to key in in the browser address bar.


err ignore that I don’t think that would force-connect to port 8000 on the localhost.

… I’ve just installed Midori and I can confirm it’s not looking good. Both Epiphany and Iceweasel are working here. Hope that helps.


All of the work done to date is targeting Epiphany on the Raspberry Pi (it’s the fastest browsing experience available on Pi).


Thanks - all working now. Next job - work out why WebKitWebProcess is using so much memory and CPU!


If it helps, I found some pretty significant inefficiencies in the redrawing of nodes in Rockpool rules, and have tweaked it for the next major release. This will be counter-balanced by a huge new graph history that gives you a much nicer view on what’s going on in the system.


My experience with iOS (iPhone 5S):

  • Chrome : Not good, page loads but crashes upon clicking things
  • Safari : Seems to work ok


And also supports the built-in tilt sensor :D