Building a 3-key Keybow with a Pi Zero v1.2

Hi folks!

I’m looking to make something with a spare Raspberry Pi Zero V1.2 (2015). The the 3-key Keybow checks many boxes for me but I’m wondering if it’s compatible with the older pi zero, since the description page indicates that a WH is required.

Afaiu the H just means pre-soldered header (so I can sort that myself); however, I’m wondering if keybow kit actually needs anything from the W pi zero model.

… reading all this back, im guessing that the answer is pretty obvious (W stands for Wireless, dummy, so of course you don’t need it), but I’m going to click “Create Topic” anyway for an excuse to join this community :)

It can be a bit confusing. There are
Pi Zero < No WIFI and no header
Pi Zero W < with WIFI but no header
Pi Zero WH < Pi Zero W, With Header

“You” can solder on the header if you want, and use a Zero or Zero W. I don’t see any reason “from the description” why a stock Zero won’t do all that is needed. If all I had was a Zero W I’d use it though. It just happens that the Pimoroni WH Pi Zero is a Zero W.

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I’ve received the kit and set it up, and can confirm that it’s working just fine

Thank you for confirming that. I would have been very surprised in a Pi Zero (not a W) wouldn’t work.

I’m planning on doing something similar with a PICO and the Pico RGB Keypad Base.
Just have to find my round 2it. ;)