Building RPi with PiTFT Plus and Pi-DAC+


I’m super new here. In fact I just started reading about RPi two days ago.

I’d like to know if this build below is possible?

PiTFT Plus,
Pi-DAC+, and
RPi 2 Model B

which all are stacked and cased inside a Pibow Audio.

Below are the hardware I planned to get to achieve above.

1x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
1x Pi-DAC+
1x PiTFT Plus 480x320 3.5" TFT
1x Pibow Audio
1x Pibow Modification Layer i.e. 1. PiTFT Plus layers to cater for the PiTFT, 2. Height extension to allow some room for Pi-DAC+.

Please advise if the build is not possible with the hardware, or any additional hardware e.g. standoffs, Pibow extender bolt pack etc.


I don’t think you’ll get all of that encased. The problem is that the Pi-DAC phonos protrude out of the Pibow audio case already and there are no extension layers to my knowledge that will help with this matter.

The other challenge will be to find screws that are long enough. That said I suspect that resorting to using some standoff may help but that may bring about other issues.

… anyhow, not sure, and no doubt you’ll get a definite answer from one of the pirate tomorrow, but my feeling is that fully encasing this setup is not possible, and a solution as neat as I expect you’d be after hard to pull off.

That said, Pibows are such wonderfully flexible cases that I wouldn’t be surprised that if you are willing to buy 2 (pibow audio) it might well be possible, if you can find screws long enough (nylon probably out but metal should be available from any decent hardware store).

Hum, and I have just thought about another problem in that the gpio breakout on the Pi-DAC is offset so the alignment will be way off… nothing a simple hack can’t solve though, I guess.

Also, you’ll have to be careful with the pin usage… as far as I can tell the PiTFT 480x320 does some trickery with the PWM on GPIO 18, which is used by the Pi-DAC as can be seen here:
… the PiTFT 320x240 should be OK though.

Anyhow, as you can see there are potential complications not just from a physical POV, but also from the pin assignments side. Of course you can just omit to connect conflicting pins if that makes sense, as long as you are willing to give up some functionality (in this instance backlight control).

Thanks RogueM for your replies. I think I’ll skip the PiTFT (so I can use Pibow Audio & Pi-DAC+), and use the 7" touchscreen display instead.

This however reduces the portability of the setup. Is it convenient to connect and disconnect the touchscreen from the Pibow?

I’m thinking of using the screen just to do the initial setup plus some adjustments later on. Most of the time it’ll be headless. I think.

Planning to use this setup as a torrent machine, a smb server, a music player or maybe a wireless AP.

If you only need the screen for some admin once it is running then use ssh instead. I have a RPi B in the loft with an IQAudio card connected to a small amp which is in turn connected to some bathroom safe speakers.

Start music, soak in bath, life is good


[quote=“Geochelone, post:4, topic:1281, full:true”]
Is it convenient to connect and disconnect the touchscreen from the Pibow?[/quote]
yes, and no, you can have the FPC connector hanging out of the Pibow and hook it up to the screen as needed. If you want a neater solution then you’ll need to open the case every time you want to use it, which might get old fast depending on how often you need to do it.

On the other hand if it’s not for continuous use then ssh is your friend, as mentioned by @Richard, and a cheap solution. Alternatively, if you want a screen nonetheless this would be an alternative that might fit well with your plans:

be aware though that depending on the OS you plan to image on the SD it might take some efforts to get going.