CAM004 & PanTilthat


I would like to use Cameramodule CAM004 with Pantilthat, Is there an extension cable (15 -20cm long) available ? Or any addonkit ?
Appreciate any help



There is this,
That you could use with this,
It should work, as far as I know the end of that cable on the CAM004, that connects to the Pi, is the same as the full sixed camera cable.

EDIT: Opps messed up, that won’t work, sorry. =(


I don’t think this works with the smaller connector on the CAM004 for the Pi Zero? There’s no extension cable for the Pi Zero camera with attached cable that I’m aware of.


Your right, I forgot that the camera connector on the Zero is smaller than the one on say a 3B etc.My bad, sorry about that. I had the one for the zero sitting in front of me, not connected to anything, and mixed up which end was which. Insert embarrassed smiley here. =(

The camera cable I have is the one that comes with the Official Pi Zero case. It’s for the normal sized camera module, thus it has a normal sized end and a mini end. I mixed up which end goes to the camera.


Could you please consider start producing such cable adapter suitable for CAM004 (also models 003 and 005). Inorder to cover full compatibility for all RPi-models two choices are needed. one for the small connector for CAM004 and one for the standard “big size” camera. This would complete the choice of camera cable adapters already on the market. Like Pimoroni’s: CAB300,CAB301, CAB302, CAB303,CAB304, CAB305 and CAB306. Just an idea from a user.

thanks for your time and consideration


I’ve mentioned this in our product ideas channel, since we’ve now got the technology to cope with those fiddly little ribbon connectors, though I can’t promise anything.


Appreciate that,
Standing by and see what happens