Extension for PI0 camera

I have just been given a PI0W, pan tilt hat and camera.

It is this camera

with a 5cm cable.

Is it possible to extend the cable? I have looked through the shop and can’t find anything suitable.
The tutorials for the pan/til hat suggest I need a 15cm cable.


The Pan Tilt is meant to be used with the official full sized camera module.

Then you could use this cable

Which I think is long enough?

That particular camera is quite difficult to extend. You will have better luck with the full size camera, as much longer cables are available.

Yeah, the only extender I see is for the wider cable. There is a cable adapter but I don’t think that will help things in this situation. It lets you plug the Zero camera in a full sized CSI on another full sized Pi.

Depends how adventurous/heath Robinson you want to get, I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/22Pin-to-22Pin-ZIF-0-5mm-Connector-Adapter-with-Extension-FFC-Cable-200mm-new-/123023925550

It would be relatively easy to stick the “spy camera” module into the pan-tilt gimbal.

Is that the right size? The Pi ZERO CSI is smaller than the one on any other Pi. Except the Compute module, it has those same smaller connectors and needs adapters to connect a display or official camera module.

Thanks for all the comments, I have got a full size camera as well so I will get the converter.