Can change pin(green 5) in driver before install?

Can change pin(green 5) in driver before install?
i want use rx hardware port.

Thank you.

On what, with what? Not near enough info in your post to give an answer.

I’m sorry for low info question.
i use hyperpixel 4 square by default
hyperpixel (green 5) connect to raspberry pi(gpio 15).
i will switch hyperpixel(green 5) to other raspberry pi pin.
How to edit driver(library)?

Ok, now we are getting someplace.
What other pin are you going to switch it too? I ask because there are no free pins, they are all used for something?
Plus, how are you physically going to rewire the connection electrically?

i wiring on own design PCB
now i edit “
for change hyperpixel (CS) form rpi gpio-18 to rpi gpio-28 but physically wiring hyperpixel (CS) connect to GND
i test run it work fine

now rpi gpio-18 is free.
i want define rpi (gpio-18) for hyperpixel(green 5).

Thank you.

Wow, you have some stuff going on there. =)
I have no idea how to change that driver pin, that’s above my skill level. =(
Poke around the and that might clue you in on where to look.

I solve this problem.

Thanks for your help.