Can the I75 drive 1/8 scan matrixes?

Does anyone know if the I75 from Pimoroni can drive 1/8 scan matrixes? Outdoor types tend to be 1/8 scan rather than 1/16 or 32

I’ve hooked it up to the I75 and loaded one of the demo python programs on, and it’s drawing what looks like 4 x 32x16 copies of the image on 1 64x32 panel, it’s also showing a red pixel, not white.

The code looks like this, I added a little delay in to see what was happening

import hub75
import time

WIDTH = 64

matrix = hub75.Hub75(WIDTH, HEIGHT)


for x in range(WIDTH):
    for y in range(HEIGHT):
        matrix.set_rgb(x, y, 255, 255, 255)

and here’s a litttle video of it in action I75 trying to drive a 64x32 1/8 scan HUB75 Matrix - YouTube