Using the Interstate 75 with at 32 x 32 LED Matrix

Hello everyone. My name is Bob McGuire. I’m trying to use the Pimoroni Interstate 75 video Matrix driver circuit board. I’ve connected to a 32 x 32 LED Matrix and I’m getting some weird results. I believe I may need a different driver software or a different software set-up. I will show you the simple program I wrote and the weird results. I seem to get some ghosting of the leds and the current ones do not always illuminate. See the attached information. I would appreciate any help!!! It seems to jump to the wrong LEDs. I suspect it is something in the set-up or the driver.

Try stb_invert=True and see what happens.

Thank you very much. I will give it a try as soon as I have a chance.

What are you using for a power supply? Voltage and Current rating wise?

I tried your suggestion but it made no difference. I’m using a 5 Volt 10 amp supply.

When I run this program.

I get this result.

I’ve tried it with and with out this line:


It makes no difference.

Clicking the preformatted test option </> will let you clip and past your code, and not lose the formatting etc.
Might be time to contact Pimoroni via e-mail. I’m lost as to why your getting the double text displayed.
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