Interstate 75 - RGB Matrix Driver

I have just received my Interstate 75 -RGB Matrix Driver. I’ve connected it to my Matrix and it does work. I’m definitely a beginner and learning as I go. I was able to modify one of the examples to turn on only one LED but for some reason it always turns on two LED’s. Here is the code I’m using:

This example shows how to set the pixels on the display individually without having to use pico graphics.
This method can be used to save on memory usage.

import hub75
import random
import time

WIDTH = 32

h75 = hub75.Hub75(WIDTH, HEIGHT, stb_invert=False)

def rand_pixel():
    x = random.randint(0, WIDTH)
    y = random.randint(0, HEIGHT)
    return x, y

def rand_color():
    r = random.randint(0, 255)
    g = random.randint(0, 255)
    b = random.randint(0, 255)
    return r, g, b

counter = 0

# while 1:
x, y = rand_pixel()
r, g, b = rand_color()
#     print('Setting Pixel x: {0} y: {1}'.format(x, y))
h75.set_pixel(x, y, r, g, b)
#     time.sleep(0.2)
#     counter += 1
#     if counter > MAX_PIXELS:
#         counter = 0
#         h75.clear()

And here is a picture of the result.

As you will see, although this code should only illuminate ONE LED it always turns on TWO LEDs. Can you please explain what I’m doing incorrectly?

Thanks in advance,

Bob McGuire

Shouldn’t it be?
And what happens if you run the original file unmodified?

This is code I used to light up a single pixel on my i75.
I have two 32 H x 64 W panels.

import time
import hub75

WIDTH = 128

matrix = hub75.Hub75(WIDTH, HEIGHT)

# X, Y, R, G, B
matrix.set_pixel(127, 31, 0, 0, 255)