PicoGraphics RGB Matrix

I am using a 64x64 RGB matrix with an Interstate 75 Matrix driver unit. I am trying get Picographics to work with my setup but cannot find a good example to get it to work. I have looked through the Picographics documentation but still cannot see how to set it up. A basic example showing the setup code and just display a pixel lit up would be enough for me to take it further.

Thanks in advance

Have you found our Interstate 75 Learn guide?

I have looked at that guide but it mentions

i75 = Interstate75(display=Interstate75.DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64)
graphics = i75.display

I am looking for a Python example using:

from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X32


Posting what code you have tried may help?
I have an Interstate 75W with a 128x32 matrix, two 64x32 panels.
I’m doing it the other way though.

from interstate75 import Interstate75
from interstate75 import Interstate75, SWITCH_A, SWITCH_B
i75 = Interstate75(display=Interstate75.DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_128X32)

graphics = i75.display

Thanks for the update, I have the following code below but it does not work:

from interstate75 import Interstate75, DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64
from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64

display = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64)
graphics = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64)

my_pen = display.create_pen(255, 0, 0)

while True:
display.pixel(10, 10)


I finally got it to display a pixel on the screen (see code below)

from interstate75 import Interstate75
from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64 as display

interstate75 = Interstate75(display)
graphics = PicoGraphics(display)

red = graphics.create_pen(255,0,0)


graphics.pixel(10, 10)


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Good to hear you made some progress.