Can you cut a Mote LED Stick

Trying to fit it into a project and it is beyond tight.
Can i cut these down - without major problems?

If not i will repurpose a blinkt.

How much are you wanting to cut off? :D

The short answer is yes- it should be perfectly possible to truncate the stick, even if you cut it off some LEDs. The last pixel in the string is just floating its data-out and clock-out pins. If you cut cleanly enough to avoid making any bridges with the burr from the copper layer (particularly between 5v and GND), then it should work fine.

I should only have to shave off 1 max 2.
Its a shame as it fits perfectly except for the huge micro usb connector on the cable… maybe i should just fudge one of those up! but thats too fine for my soldering skills!!!

I mentioned it to @sandyjmacdonald and he couldn’t reach for the wire cutters fast enough:

Love you guys! lol

And my reply must be at least 20 characters so i typed some more.

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If it’s just a question of a couple of millimeters, something like this might make things fit: