Cant get onoffshim to work


I’ve purchased the onoffshim from you and this looks great. However I’ve tried installing your script on two images, and both fail with 403 forbidden errors and Apt failed to update indexes!

I’ve tried updating the kodi and tried two completely different images.

I can download and view the script.

I know its not pimoroni’s fault but surly there is a way to get this work, even if its manual instructions.

many thanks


Are you running Raspbian, or some other OS? I ask because you mention KODI. I do believe the bash script is meant to run from Raspbian, not LibreElec etc.


I’m running a retropie build which I understand is running on Raspbian? Kodi is installed on the retropi build.

many thanks


This is an issue with Kodi/Piplware that stops our installers continuing- they treat any package management error as fatal to avoid causing any further problems, or simply throwing an error further on in the process.