Case for Pico RGB keypad base


I am loving the Pico RGB Keypad Base. My toddler loves bashing the buttons and seeing the lights change but I’m a bit nervous letting him too close to it because of all the exposed sharp bits. I would like to package it up in a case with some AA batteries so that he can have a play with it. He will never be allowed to play with it on his own so it doesn’t have to be super safe.

I have no idea where to start with this. Do you know if anyone else has designed such a case for it yet? If not, do you have any ideas where I should start to design a case for myself?

Many thanks

The buttons are exactly the same as the adafruit neotrellis and there are some cases on Thingiverse using the neotrellis.
So maybe that can give you a head start to design your own.

The button look to be the same as the Sparkfun keypad Button Pad 4x4 - LED Compatible - COM-07835 - SparkFun Electronics
Look at the documents section, they have dimensional drawings for the keypad.