I wanted to make sure that I assembled my CCTV kit correctly, so I have attached 3 photos showing the back of the kit. Also, after I tried out the camera (it was new), the picture was very blurry/low resolution. I tried it on a Pi 3 in case it was something wrong with the cable or Zero, but the picture looked the same. Are there any settings I can adjust to get a better image?


I think we’ll have an assembly guide live today, assembly is somewhat non-obvious and involves flipping the Pi around to use up some of the slack in the camera ribbon cable- sandwiching it between the front piece, and the wall mounting piece.

Regarding the blurry image, did you remove the tiny little protective film from the camera lens?

I’ll look out for the assembly guide later today!

I did remove the protective film on the camera. I am going to exchange the camera and try again.

Thank you! :D

what is the cctv main front sign made out of? Is the cctv a sticker or what? How durable is it? Could it holdup outside?

The CCTV text is laser etched into the plastic, which is black with a layer of yellow on the front. It would certainly be weather proof, but the Pi and camera would be difficult to protect.