CEC problem with Kodi

on my pi zero i’ve installed the osmc (open source media center 2017.10-1) but CEC doesn’t work, so i can’t use my tv remote control (LG TV). HDMI connected adaptors for the mini-HDMI (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/zero-adaptor-kit)

i used cec on pi2 osmc without mini hdmi adapter.

hdmi adapter support cec?


It works fine on my Zero and LG TV, although I run LibreElec rather than OSMC (but it should be much the same).

What I do have to do though is select CEC (simplink) on the TV to get it to work though. Connect everything up, then on the TV press source and select the correct HDMI input, then press source again and the green button (Simplink). There select HDD recorder (which is what the Pi seems to appear as). It should try to connect (and will probably tell you it can’t do so, at least mine always does) but CEC should then work fine.

i cant find HDD recorder…
but i sure that hdmi adapter is not problem.
i connect crome cast and tv’s usb power.
and i can use hdmi cec. thanks.