Charger for 13400 Li ion

Is MP2636 Power Booster & Charger Module suitable for charging the HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY PACK – 13400MAH ?

The charger says it’s suitable for single cell batteries, does the 13400mAh count as single cell? It’s made up of multiple cells so maybe not?

It’s my understanding that multiple cells are fine, as long as you buy them as a premade pack.
Premade packs like the following are matched pairs of batteries.
Lithium Ion Battery Pack – Pimoroni

If you make up your own pack by wiring cells together you can have issues, especially when trying to recharge them.
I’ve used the 3 cell 6600 version with a PowerBoost 1000c with no issues.

The reference to ‘single-cell’ only means a battery (bank) with the total voltage of a single cell i.e. 3.3 to 4.2 volts.

However single large-capacity cells or multiple parallel cells giving increased Ah capacity will take (a lot) longer to charge up from a low-powered charger module. The module may run hotter as well whilst charging but should eventually charge the pack.

thanks for this, that makes sense. Which type of charger would you recommend to charge a high capacity battery faster?

The one you linked to above has an up to 2.5A charge current. That’s quite a bit. My PowerBoost is only good for up to 1A charge current. I recharge overnight so no big deal for me. I also hardly ever run my batteries to a very low state.