Where do i buy the correct batteries for my powerboost


Ive bought the adafruit powerboost 1000C and i need to buy a battery to use with it. i can see lots of batteries on the adafruit site, but i can’t seem to see any links here. where would i get a compatible battery pack?

Do you mean the LiPo? This is what I used with their Solar charger that uses the same type, you will have to add your own connector.

HI Richard,

I assumed it might be best to get the adafruit ones, but they don’t seem to be sold in the UK
so, any 3.7v LiPo /lion would be ok? I noticed the ones on the adafruit site mention overVoltage protection etc.

I had the same issue when I was doing my solar panel, wanted to use what they do to be safe. But as it turns out the eBay ones are good. If you look closely the batteries they have a small circuit in the top that does the ‘not blowing up’ magic.

It is something maybe Pimoroni should consider doing, stocking batteries that they know are good.