Adafruit powerboost 1000c

I have a new PowerBoost 1000c. I plugged it into a 5V 2A power supply and a 6600Ah battery for a few hours and all seemed well. Within a few after connecting a load (raspberry pi w), it became extremely hot, began to smell of solder, and the batter charging light began to flash erratically.

Is this indicative of anything I may have done wrong, or would it indicate that the unit was faulty?



How did you wire it all up, hook everything up. I ask because there are a couple of different ways to do it. You can use the onboard jacks for power in power out and battery, or solder right to the solder terminals on the board. I have several PowerBoost 1000c 's here. I have had one failure after extended use.
If you battery is plugged into the JST connector make sure the polarity is correct. If you bought the battery from Pimoroni or Adafruit it should be fine, from another source maybe not?

Hi alphanumeric!

[thanks also for your help the other day over on the Adafruit forums!!]

It was an Adafruit battery, using the JST connector, so I think no way to mess up the polarity. Power was with a good quality 2A power supply (an official rasp-pi one). I hooked up the pi-zero via a standard-to-mini usb cable, using the standard usb receptacle that came with the powerboost.

I wasn’t 100% sure how to solder it to the board (as I guess was the case for you, this was the only part that didn’t come attached). I soldered the four small posts in place underneath to four corresponding holes, as well as soldered the two side-post clips to their larger holes. Unless that was a mistake, I can’t imagine what I might have done wrong…


It should look something like this when all hooked up.

Hi - thanks. Yes, it was exactly that (indeed, I consulted that same web page with that picture).


Ok, it would be possible to solder it onto the wrong side and thus reverse the polarity to the Pi. You didn’t do that so its something else that went wrong. How are your soldering skills? A picture of you soldering may help.


Here’s a photo! Orientation is definitely as in the photo you attached from the Adafruit website; criticism of soldering welcome (possibly not my neatest, but I think pretty solid (?)

Soldering looks good to me. I guess next step is to contact Pimoroni via e-mail with a link to this thread.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

thanks - will get in touch with them. Thanks for going through it with me!