Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT power requirements

I am looking into the Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT to add to a Pi Zero W but I would like the whole thing to be mobile so I don’t want to have the RaspPi attached via mains. What power then should I go for, a power pack with AA batteries or a USB power pack?


Ed Jones

AA batteries aren’t going to work. 4.5V won’t be enough and 6V is way to much and will damage the PI. A LIPO with power boost, or USB power pack is the way to go.

Hi, thanks for the clarification, USB power pack it is then!

Actually after looking into this further I think a LIPO battery with a power boost as suggested would be a lot less bulky so I will look into that. Thanks for the advice steering me in the right direction!

Just keep in mind the power boost is limited in the current it can supply. 1.2 Amps I think for the Powerboost 1000. I have a 1000c running a Pi A+ with Sense Hat. No issues that I know of so far. I try not to charge the battery and run the Pi at the same time. It will do it, I just try to avoid it. The powerboost gets pretty hot if I do that. I’m using a 6600 MAH battery. I have mine wired up so I can run the Pi right off of the power supply, or from the Powerboost.