GPS and Analogue-In hats/boards/help!?

Hi all.

I’ve previously built various GHI Gadgeteer and Pi3 based projects and also built my own mini ElectricImp PCB.

But for a one-off project I have the following requirements (it’s for monitoring the charging of 2 lead acid batteries in a camper van from a solar array)

Programmable in a sensible high level language - C#, Python
Cheap-ish - less than £75 for all parts
Two analogue inputs (range can be anything as I’ll pre-condition)
Two digital outputs (again I can add my own relay drivers)
GPS location aware
WiFi interface (I’m going to use a mobile phone WiFi access point when it’s out and about)
Able to either call into a restful web service using JSON or similar
Low-ish power, preferably has low-power mode like 50mA and then 1A or so when running

Every few minutes check GPS position and battery voltage, log to web service
When battery voltage goes above 13.5V, set digital out to 1
When battery falls below 13V, set digital out to 0

As there is a HUGE array of GPS units and stuff, and I am kinda fed up with GHI as expensive, can anyone recommend a platform and expansion boards that will satisfy the requirements?

Again, I’m happy to wire up my own level converters, relay drivers, etc.

Thanks loads in advance! :)

This board came up on my radar not long ago:

Coupled with an Automation HAT and zero W, it might fit the bill?

Ah yes might work quite well! Is it available yet?

I don’t think so, no, but not 100% sure. I think it was a Kickstarter venture so there might be more info available there in term of ETA.

I didn’t dig deep looking at the board, but it might be worth double checking comparability with UK ( or other) networks. It really shouldn’t be a problem nowadays, but just in case…


I have gone with a Pi Zero W and the pHAT expansion board - using an old mobile phone with a £5 data SIM (GifGaf), I’ll add GPS later or put a GPS tracker app on the phone. Thx! :)