Powerboost 1000c & LiPo - Super Hot!



I purchased the Powerboost 1000c and a companion LiPo
(2000mAH, 3.7v) from Pimoroni a few months ago and have only just got round to using it.

Having plugged the LiPo into the Powerboost, and then a USB cable into a RPi Zero W I noticed that the Powerboost got incredibly hot, far too much to hold which makes it tricky when trying to remove the LiPo itself. A blue LED stays lit during use which appears to be normal and I have not wired anything to the Powerboost separately.

I have seen that Adafruit have an FAQ section and it states it can get hot during charge, but this was using it to power another device only.

Should the Powerboost be getting that hot so quickly? I’m afraid to use it in my projects as I think it will cause more problems than it solves with the heat it produces, and possible damage other components.


If it’s running your pi and charging the battery at the same time it likely will get hot. I have mine wired up so I can run my Pi directly from the power supply with a switch. One way its fed from the power boost the other position its powered from the power supply feeding the power boost. I also turn off the up converter when in this mode with the enable contact on the power boost. That way all the power boost is doing is charging the battery. The Blue LED is off. It saves wear and tear on the powerboost. My battery is 6600 MAH. I haven’t run it down but I would imagine it would take a while to recharge if almost drained. I have to admit though, that I have never touched mine to see just how hot it gets. I did pick it up when I first got it and had left it running just charging the battery. I don’t remember burning my fingers etc. I grabbed it by the edges though. If you connect the enable pin to ground the upconverter will turn off, and your Pi will turn off. The battery charger will still run though.


As I mentioned above, in my usage I am not charging anything - only powering the RPi via the LiPo through the Powerboost.


Ok, wasn’t 100% sure. With just a Pi Zero on there I wouldn’t expect it to get burn your finger hot? The Blue LED is on anytime its boosting (up converting) the voltage to 5V. Mine is in a case with no easy access. I’ll try and remember to check it next time I have it running. When its in the house I run it on power pack only. Its -4c outside so no good checking it when its outside on battery.


Just had mine running on boost for about 30 minutes, wasn’t even hot to the touch. A few warm spots maybe. Raspberry Pi A+ with a Sense Hat and a few other odds and ends.