Charging LiPo battery

I’m about to enter the world of microcontrollers (probably a Trinket to start with).

I have a LiPo 3.7v battery lying around which I’d like to use but, as I want to make a fairly self-contained project, I’d like to have some in-line charger i.e. so I don’t have to unplug the battery from the trinket and plug it in to the charger to charge?

Does such a product exist?

The project is very simple any will just involve a push button and a neopixel ring (probably the 12 version).

(I also have a PowerBoost 500 charger lying around from a old raspberry pi project - I assume this could do the job but I was wondering how much I lose in stepping up from 3.7v to 5.2v when I don’t know if this is needed).


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