Clusterhat and WiFi


I was wondering if there is anything documented about getting a cluster based on the Clusterhat working when the controlling Pi is using WiFi rather than direct Ethernet? I have it working fine if I have an attached Ethernet cable, but cannot work out what I need to change if using WiFi instead.


I think, if I remember correctly, this is because the individual nodes use a connection that’s, by default, bridged from each USB network interface, over to Ethernet, so they each get an IP with your router.

The closest answer I can find is in the ClusterHAT Google group-!topic/clusterhat/x2AcuUiRirk

It doesn’t sound promising! Although there’s no real requirement that Cluster HAT be bridged at all, as long as you don’t mind only the controller being able to access each Pi and are comfortable setting up internet sharing.


For a super hack-y answer - you could use a WiFi to Ethernet bridge, have the pi connected over Ethernet to a box that in turn connects to your WiFi. Bit of a hack but ought to work.