Odd DOTHAT & WiFi issue


Hi folks,

I’m having a bit of a weird issue when trying to connect to Wifi through the DOTHAT menu example.
It scans all nice & lists all the SSIDs, but once I try connecting, after entering the password, nothing happens.

What does actually happen is behind the scenes in /etc/network/interfaces it creates a new entry like this -
iface wlan0-Pi-Pot inet dhcp
wpa-psk xxxxxxxxxx <- I’ve xxxx’d that bit. :-)
wpa-ssid Pi-Pot
wireless-channel auto

On a reboot of the Pi, Wifi is now not connecting & when looking through the gui it reports no interfaces found. But the DOTHAT can still see WiFi networks, and you can try & connect again, all it does is create another entry but no connection.
The only way I can then reconnect to wifi is by removing the entries created via the DOTHAT in network/interfaces, and then reboot.

I’m a bit limited on this, but I think this means it’s creating a new interface called wlan0-Pi-Pot, not actually connecting wlan0 to the ssid - Pi-Pot?
I can’t see anywhere in the DOTHAT code that would do this, so assume something else magical is going on. :-)

Please can someone point me in the right direction to resolve connecting to wifi via the DOTHAT & the related wifi ops, like switching networks etc. :-)



I think I’ve now sorted this.

I needed to simply add “auto wlan0” to my network\interfaces file. :-)

I had the usual allow-hotplug wlan0 etc in, but noticed from one of the MANY instructions I’ve looked at today, that was missing et voila! :-)

The examples provided with the DOTHAT are excellent for getting an idea on what can be done with it. :-)