dot3k wlan plugin

There’s a very nifty looking start of a useful tool I’d like to “snarf” into my menu system for a charity project I’m working on in the ‘wlan’ plugin within the Pimoroni dot3k python library. By way of very quick explanation, the Pi project will be entirely self-contained and battery powered and go places (or connect to a 3G hotspot) and thus, all wifi details will be known before hand.

On that basis I was just going to do a wpa-roam setup of all the known AP’s and roam onto them as necessary. Then I found the wlan plugin, which does a great job of scanning for SSID’s! But… with the dot3k, that’s about all I can get it to do.

Is there a way of selecting one that has been found? Is there a way of setting a list ‘within’ the plugin of passwords for known networks, and prompting for unknown ones, if selected to join?

I ask as the code does indeed seem to be in there to do 99% of this, but I can’t seem to get it to ‘do’ anything beyond scroll through as a SSID scanner.

Pointers? I’m still dragging myself kicking and screaming through learning python (I’m a C/PHP person by trade) but I’m getting there slowly. Any advice or pointers appreciated…!!

Where’s the Pimoroni Python guru when you need him? :(

ah, but you didn’t make the bat sign, or as I call it the Zo sign: @gadgetoid

I think needs some more TLC. I tshould definitely allow you to type in a password and connect, but I’m still not quite sure if it works reliably, or at all, since it puts connection details in an unusual place ( /etc/network/interfaces instead of wpa_supplicant.conf I think )

I might need to look into an alternate Python library for working with WiFi settings.