Code error with python2.7 on zero w

I got a RPI zero W and the black/white phat.

Installed latest Raspbian Stretch Lite on to sd card with
Then followed the getting-started-with-inky-phat instructions.

But when trying to run the examples I get errors point to parts of the example code. see below.
Thanks for any help.

Here is the complete dump after calling: curl | bash

Here is the error when trying to call which is similar to trying to run any example.

It looks like it is trying and failing to open the i2c bus (I didn’t even realise Inky used that). Have you enabled i2c? Some of the Pimoroni installation scripts do that but I can’t see it in the git dump. Run sudo raspi-config, go to interface options and somewhere in there is an option to enable the i2c bus. Enable that, reboot and try it again.

Thanks for the fast answer.
This solved the problem :)

Glad you got it working. Actually, had you rebooted it after the installation? From experience 95% of problems after installing something are fixed by a reboot, it may have fixed itself after one of those anyway.