Communicating with Mote over serial port

I’ve been hitting a weird problem controlling the mote directly via a serial port rather than via the python library and I’m wondering if I’m maybe missing something in how the protocol works.

I’ve got mote sticks attached to all 4 channels and send the following to set the pixels on the first channel.

  • Configure channel 1 with 16 pixels and no gamma correction
    m, o, t, e, c, 1, 16, 0
  • Set the pixels on channel 1 to red
    m, o, t, e, o, 0, 0, 255, 0, 0, 255 … and so on (0, 0, 255 for all 16 pixels)
  • I then close the port

Now this is the weird bit, if I open the port again and send the same sequence again the first stick illuminates as before (all red), but the first 2 pixels on the second channel also light up with what looks like white (0,0,0) and blue(0,0,255).

I’m at a bit of a loss as to why this is happening.

You can try this out by running the rgb.go example twice from (I’m porting the python library to go).

Any suggestions?

hmm, it does it as well when you use the python library (edit the example to only configure a single channel)

This could be a firmware bug with Mote, or possibly even just noise coupling in from one channel to another. It’s not something I’ve observed though, but I’ve grabbed a Mote to try it out.

Thanks, would be nice to see if its just me.

Just pushing up the last missing methods to the library at the moment.

Not just you. I’m seeing exactly the same thing!

Edit: I only have one working Mote stick 'cos I accidentally grabbed one that I had for diagnosis. D’oh! But if I plug just a stick into the second port, I see the same white and blue pixels.

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Cool, thanks for checking :D