Compatiable NVME drives with Pimoroni base

Is there a list of compatible NVME drives to use with the Pimoroni base or things to look for such as a controller chip on the NVME drive ?


Found the list sorry :(

AData Legend 700
AData Legend 800
AData XPG SX8200 Pro
Axe Memory Generic Drive
Crucial P2 M.2
Crucial P3 M.2
Crucial P3 Plus M.2
Inland PCIe NVMe SSD
Kingston KC3000
Kioxia Exceria NVMe SSD
Kioxia Exceria G2 NVMe SSD
Lexar NM620
Lexar NM710
Netac NV2000 NVMe SSD
Netac NV3000 NVMe SSD
Origin Inception TLC830 Pro NVMe
Sabrent Rocket 4.0
Sabrent Rocket Nano
Samsung 980
Samsung 980 Pro (500GB/1TB)
Team MP33
Western Digital Black SN750 SE (Phison Controller

Thanks anyway

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I’ve been using a Crucial P3 500GB M.2 NVMe, (sorry Pimoroni) granted not with a Pimoroni NVMe base.

But an Argon ONE V3, without any issues at all, very stable with good consistent performance, YMMV.