BIG word of caution when selecting an NVME

I purchased the NVME Base through Adafruit. I have had many years of good service with spinning disks with Western digital and my current nvme in my oldish laptop is a 500G SSD WD Blue 3D NAND SATA M.2 2280. It has been working flawlessly for years.

I bought an NVME WD Black N850X 2TB on Amazon and finally, I thought I’d have my dream of hosting my family photo archives (going back to images from the 1870s) on a low powered device with 2TB.

Ack! Not on that drive. My fault, of course, but I would like adafruit, and pimoroni to put a notification (there’s nothing on the adafruit site) and higher in your page about the hit & miss compatibility with different manufacturers.

I’ll eat this one (~$160), but please… don’t let this happen to others.


Does seem to be an area with significant interoperability issues - at least on RPi.

However, Pimorini do publish a list and warnings - see the end of their product page.

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“end of their product page” - you’ve probably seen the acronym TL;DR. Obviously, I failed to read below. Sadly, I never came to the pimoroni site to even know there were issues. I was naively thinking I just needed to know it was nvme, m.2, 2880 sized, and then… how big and at what cost.

All that said, I’ve concluded that all is not lost because I CAN still use it as a mounted drive. I have been able to see the drive with lsblk. It all seemed to fall apart when I could not mount it as the primary boot drive. I stopped obsessing about that and so, it seems, I can still boot, as always from the microsd, and store all my photos on the nvme drive. Not ideal, but a reasonable fallback.

This morning I wrote a python script to create 1000 files of random sizes, then read each file and add some content at the end. Seems flawless so far. And fast. No special settings in /boot/firmware/config.txt

I still think a warning should be higher on the page, and in red, but that’s just me… I’ve also suggested the same on the adafruit forums.


It’s weird, I’m in this boat as well. I went and got a Crucial T500 2TB NVME SSD and was like “yeah it’ll work.”

Well, it did once! And now it doesn’t work at all in the Pi5. I have seen their other posts where they talk about power consumption and whatnot, so I’m not sure if that’s the issue. I believe I now have some flavor of Samsung in my RPi5, but that also doesn’t work.