Compatibility between the raspberry pi M.2 Hat+ and official case

M.2 Hat+ from Raspberry Pi is finally available. I’m sitting at the checkout screen for a raspberry pi 5 kit with cooler and M.2 Hat+ and I’m wondering if the official raspberry pi case is compatible with this. Is it?

There is a picture of it in the case here.
Raspberry Pi showcase AI camera kit, new screen and long awaited M.2 HAT at Embedded World conference | Tom’s Hardware (
So it looks like that is a yes.

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OK - perhaps but looks tight and the cooler in the photo above is not the cooler that comes with the case so can anybody actually confirm that they have fitted it in the case as supplied

I do believe the Official Active cooler is under it?

Have a look see here,
Buy a Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ – Raspberry Pi