rPi5 with Active cooler + Automation HAT

Can I use Mini Black HAT Hack3r to connect Automation HAT to Raspberry Pi if I have Active cooler installed already? It is impossible to connect hat ro raspberry, not sure if there is enough room to connect ribbon. Any other solutions?

A Booster Header should get you the space needed between the Hat and the Cooler.
Booster Header (pimoroni.com)
And pair it up with some extended stand offs.
Extended M2.5 Standoffs for Pi HATs (Raspberry Pi 5) - Pack of 4 (pimoroni.com)

Can’t use Extended M2.5 Standoffs, already have NVMe, I prefer to have Automation HAT separated from rPi.

EDIT ops for some reason I had my blinders on and thought you wanted to use the Flat Hat Extender. Sorry about that.

If you plug the ribbon cable in and curl it back under the Pi 5 it may still reach.
You can also reverse the ribbon cable connector 180, as long as you reverse it at both ends.