Enviro+ and GPIO ribbon extension

I would like to move the Enviro+ further away from the RPi itself … partly to avoid the temperature compensation/influence from the RPi CPU just underneath it and also to give me more options for mounting.

The easiest way would be a 40-way ribbon cable female to male so that it can be simply pushed onto the RPi GPIO pins and then the Enviro+ pushed onto the other end (making sure it is the right way around).

I see Pimoroni 40-way F-F cable which I expect could be used along with a M-M header … is that the way to do it?
Also … is there any guidance on maximum length for the 40-way ribbon cable?

There are a couple of ways to do this. The big thing to be careful not to do is reverse pins 1 and 2 etc. If you plug the ribbon cable in from the bottom it will reverse the pins around and bad things are likely to happen. Its hard to describe and or visualize but turning the ribbon cable connector 180 swaps the rows of connectors.
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There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to use this

Then just plug the enviro+ into the black hat hack3r, and connect your pi to it with the included ribbon cable. You can buy just the board or a solder yourself kit for a saving in cost.
Another way is to use this

and two male headers. The ribbon cable plugs into one and the enviro+ into the other.
There is also this

Same deal for this, you can buy just the board or a solder yourself kit.
If you solder a female header onto the bottom side of a Pi Zero you can plug it into the pHat Stack like it was a pHat and skip having to use the ribbon cable.
You can do the same thing on the Mini Black hat but it may end up being a bit cramped. I used a 90 degree female on a Pi Zero so it was vertical.

This is the original Black hack3r board, not the mini, but you get the idea.

I’ll probably go for option 1 for simplicity and completeness.

I’ve used the Mini Black Hat Hack3rs in a few of my projects. I like the original better but its not for sale anymore.

Another way to do it is to put this

between your Pi and the enviro. Using a stacking header. “Might” work depending on how you have your Pi orientated. Standing up versus laying down flat. You won’t know until you try it.
I did something similar with a Pi A+ and Sense Hat. I used a Proto Hat instead.

Thought I had a better picture but this, all I can find at the moment. It also gave me a place to mount a RTC. Thats looking down from the top, Pi is standing up with the GPIO header on the bottom. It works with no case on the Pi. I have since moved to a BME680 mounted away from the Pi and sense Hat. I had other issues that necessitated the modification. Thats how things go some times. You have to experiment to find something that works with all the bits you have.