Powering Enviro+


Can I power the Enviro+ and the Pi Zero together from the front Enviro+ GPIO 5v and GND connections?


Should be doable, I would think they just connect directly to the Pi’s +5V and Ground pins on the GPIO header. I have several different model Pi’s powered via the GPIO pins.
I’ve done what you propose on the Pan Tilt Hat, and done it with the Perma Proto Hats etc.

Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try later. Let you know if I fry anything!!

If you have an ohm meter and want to verify where they go ,the Pi pinout is here.
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
And the enviro pinout is here
Enviro Plus at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Keep in mind that all the grounds on the Pi GPIO are tied together.
That’s not always the case on a Hat or pHat though. Once its plugged into the Pi’s GPIO they all get tied together. I only mention it case you plan on using jumpers between the Pi and Enviro.