Enviro+ - Pi 400

Does anyone know how to connect the Enviro+ to a Pi 400?


this board was created for just that ! I purchased one for my Pi4 ,so that board with screens will stand up,instead of laying flat … Flat HAT Hacker – Pimoroni

The Flat Hat hacker will stand up vertical on a Pi 4B, but will be flat on a Pi400. Your Enviro will be laying down facing up. You can plug it directly into the GPIO on the Pi400, just make sure you line up pin 1 with pin 1 on the Pi400. Unfortunately it will be facing away from you and upside down ish.

I have tried to plug it in directly but the silver protrusion at the back seems to block it

Ok, you may need a booster header then, or what Jack posted. Me personally I’d go with the Flat Hat hacker.
Booster Header – Pimoroni
If you have a female GPIO header handy it may do in a pinch. The male pins will be shorter than what’s on a Booster Header though.

Would this work? I’m not sure what orientation should match the original connector?

Thanks for your help, the board and pi are new to me.

No, putting a male header in one end of a female to female ribbon cable swaps the rows of pins on the hat end. Pin 1 will end up plugged into pin 2 and vis versa. Bad things will happen.
You’d need a ribbon cable like this.
40-pin GPIO extension cable for HATs and Mini HATs – Pimoroni

Thanks, glad I dodged that one. Great answers there, better get ordering.