What NVME boards and case options that allow drive access without dissasembly

My first post - please be genetle
First there were none and now there are several NVME carrier boards for the PI5.
I’m looking for a case that will fit say the Pimorini, Pineberry etc with a hatch so that the drive can be changed without taking the whole thing a apart.
I have an Argon NEO 5 M.2 NVME case but it’s all metal and not suitable for hacking.
I’m 3D printed a few but I’d like something properly injection moulded.

Panel - What are the options ?

The Pimoroni NVMe Base can be mounted on top of a Pi 5 with the Pibow Case. You need the long standoffs and a Booster Header. Not the prettiest setup but you get easy access to the NVMe drive. And there is room for the Official Active Cooler.
Pibow Coupe 5 (Case for Raspberry Pi 5) – Ninja (pimoroni.com)
Extended M2.5 Standoffs for Pi HATs (Raspberry Pi 5) - Pack of 4 (pimoroni.com)
Booster Header (pimoroni.com)