Is the pi 5 nvme base compatible with the official case?

Is the nvme base:

Compatible with the official Raspberry Pi 5 case?

Ideally the product page should mention whether it is or not.

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The mounting holes definitely match up, I think it’s just a question of the length of the screws for the standoffs and if they can pass through the pi + case.

As you say, it would be nice to have official confirmation.

Is there a cutout in the official case for the ribbon cable? Assuming you mount it under the Pi 5?

I just spotted that, no, there isn’t actually. I thought it might be possible to slip it between the ventilation gap but there’s actually a post exactly where the cable needs to go.

The official version looks like it will be an on top “hat+” version.
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My plan is to modify a Pibow Pi 5 case as needed. I just pre ordered the Pimoroni nvme base + 500 GB SSD kit.
To go with my Pi 5 pre order that incudes the Pimoroni Pi 5 Pibow case.

It looks like the pibow case has the mounting holes and a cutout for the FPC, so you might not need any modification?

On-top HAT+ might interfere with cooling / might only take shorter 2242/2230 SSDs, which tend to be a bit more expensive.

I’ll be going for an under the Pi mounting position, so some fiddling will need to be done.
I have a plan and some of those Pibow expansion layers. They usually go on the top side of the Pibow case, mine will go underneath. I also have one of the Extended Bolt Packs.
I’ll likely have to modify at least one layer with a cutout for the ribbon cable.

@system Isn’t there anyone from Pimoroni who can answer this important question? If not, what is the point of this forum?

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From contacting support:

I’m afraid that the NVMe base doesn’t fit within the official case, but we should be making a slightly altered version of our Pibow 5 case for use with the NVMe base sometime in the new year.

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I like the sound of that. =)
I have plans to do the same thing with some Pibow expansion / add on layers I have kicking around. I have a Pi 5 with Pi 5 Pibow Case on pre order, and the NVMe Base + 500 GB SSD also on pre order.
I’m going to try and build an expansion / enclosure on the bottom side of the case. Extend it down.

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I came here and signed up for the forum to make this exact suggestion (modified pibow) I have the pi already and now waiting for pre-order to be shipped- I came very close to buying two pibow cases so that I could add a few plates into the stack- but when I thought about it a bit I realised there aren’t any plates in the kit which would work aesthetically (no cutouts needed)

Happy to assist with design and testing of the case but I’ll need my nvme adaptor asap (hahah worth a try)

I bought 3 of the Pibow Stacking layers a while back. Along with an extended bolt pack. I’m going to mount them on the bottom instead of on top. And I have a Black Difusser I can use for a bottom layer if need be.
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Is there another case on the market that will accommodate the nvme base

I would be surprised if there were. New product just released, and its not a Pi Foundation Product. I guess that depends on who got pre release prototypes?

I really like Pimoroni’s NVME base for the RP5 since it does not block the Active Cooler fan, but it would be nice to have a case that would allow room for the PCIe FFC cable to pass through to the bottom of the case or pass through the bottom of the case.

I have a Dremel Tool, with various cutting wheels, and sanding drums, etc. I’m hoping a little trimming cutting will get it done. ;)

The NVME base is compatible as a hat if you use it with 20mm standoffs. Pics below.
Drive is a “Lexar Professional NM800 PRO with Heatsink, 2TB SSD, M.2 2280 PCle Gen4x4 NVMe”.

(I tried it with 25mm standoffs but there was too much tension on the tiny ribbon cable for my liking)

It sits just above the top part of the case, ideally I’d have 22m spacers towards the USB end rather than 20mm as it does touch the top of the case, but I might just fix this with some washers.

It also allows the nuts to be recessed in the case so it actually sits on the case pads when on a desk.