Pimoroni NVMe base with official Pi5 case

I know some people may want to use the NVMe base as a base, but when I got mine there were no cases that supported it, and I didn’t like the m.2 drive being wedged between 2 PCBs.
I then decided to run the NVMe base as a hat and it fits the official Pi5 case if you use 20mm standoffs (ideally 22mm).


And herein lies the problem.

Got my NVMe base today, all good :), and can’t fault it. Going this route though, limits one to very little (ATM) cases etc., for the Pi 5, and it does tie one down, as regards ‘choices’ in that regard.

Yeah there are alternatives with NVMe support, but I don’t like, nor wish to use any of them. Nor do I rate the ‘official’ cooler, of which my ‘snoring’ breath would probably cool the device a lot better? (not tested though).

The Argon NEO 5 BRED is one superb case, with good cooling, but this HAT puts paid to that, for example.

I may just get that, with a suitable NVMe cable, and be done.

I’ll get the argon one V3 case for my media Pi5, but it’s not in stock anywhere atm.

The active cooler keeps the pi operating at upto 65C on my testing, where as my pi5 in the flirc case thermal throttles and sits at around 85C.