Pi5 case for Pimoroni NVME base and active cooler

Hi (first post) - I have a recently purchased, from pimoroni, a Pi5 with NVME base and active cooler and I’m looking for an appropriately sized case on the shop, but none is apparent. Are any in plan? Or should I look elsewhere?

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+1 searching for the same , it seems no official solution.

Found this in posts :




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Unfortunately I don’t own 3D printer. I’ll contact pimoroni sales to see if they have an answer. To be honest it’s rather disappointing that pimoroni can make/sell the nvme base but have no case solution. Almost as if they have no strategic planning 😉

There was mention of a new case being worked on in another thread, a while back. There was no mention on a time frame for when that might happen though.
I was lucky in that I had an assortment of Pibow expansion layers and some unused cases. I bodged together what I hope they build with the bits and pieces I had on hand. Maybe if they see this it will give them a nudge. ;)

My Pi 5 NVMe build - Discussion - Pimoroni Buccaneers

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Here is a summary of an email I received from Pi Roon regarding the availability of an appropriate case:

Pimoroni are looking into case options to accommodate the NVMe base although Chinese New Year has slowed down prototypes a bit. The should also have some longer PCIe cables available to make using the NVMe base with existing cases easier

Just noticed that my spellchecker changed Pimoroni to “Pi Roon"!

The response was from Pimoroni.