Pi 5 with NVMe base and coupe case?

I have a pimoroni nvme base and coupe case with a pi 5.

Is there likely to be any adapters for the coupe case to allow the addition of the nvme base?



It was mentioned in another thread, that they should be making a slightly altered version of their Pibow 5 case for use with the NVMe base sometime in the new year.

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I came here to ask a similar question. Could one layer be altered to accommodate the ribbon cable?

This is what I built with left over Pibow layers I had on Hand. My original plan was to put the NVMe under the Pi 5, and add my layers to the bottom of the Coupe case. I decided against that as it would mean modifying most of the Coupe layers for the ribbon cable. In the end I put the NVMe base in its own case and went for an end to end / side by side setup.

A Pico HAT Hacker links the two cases together so the ribbon cable doesn’t get damaged if one or the other gets moved or bumped. It was just luck that it lined up with the screw holes on the Pibow case layers.

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